Monday, July 28, 2008

Much ado about...

well, nothing, really.

After all the hubbub, the wailing, the posts railing against Richard Abanes and his handling of an article by Ken Silva, after all the virtual screaming and hollering about Apprising Ministries being taken offline (which could have been easily avoided if Ken had simply taken the high road and deleted the post, even temporarily), is back online, with a new layout which, in my opinion, is much more attractive than the old one.

Ah, well, the beat goes on, as they say.

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Blogger Richard Abanes said...

You might want more information regarding what has transpired, so I offer the following links that offer the truth, as I see it, about what has been happening:

Lighthouse Trails: More Ken Silva Propaganda

MORE ARGUMENTS: Ingrid Schlueter Speaks!

Ken Silva - More Lies, More Sensationalism, More Sin

Richard Abanes

5:30 PM  

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