Tuesday, July 17, 2007

The Top 100 Christian Blogs

As reported by The Evangelical Outpost. I intend to take a look at quite a few of these, and I imagine there will be some additions to the blogroll in the near future. After all, I have to have something to distract me while I'm at work.

A few highlights:

Boars Head Tavern and Pyromaniacs tied for the #9 slot. Interesting, in that they tend to take very different views on the issues.

Internet Monk comes in at #61. (Really must add that one to the blogroll)

TallSkinnyKiwi landed at #89.

Go check it out, especially if you've been looking for some new additions to your own blogroll, or just some new places to explore. I know I've got quite a few I'd like to take a look at, and who knows? Maybe I can improve this blog to the point of being included next year. :-)

[HT: Hugh Hewitt]

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