Tuesday, May 22, 2007

That's it, I'm done.

I am officially finished commenting at the new Slice of Laodicea. I have had two comments on one post today result in Ingrid acting as if I was attacking her personally, and the second comment was to try and shed some light on what I was getting at in the first comment. I didn't call Ingrid crazy, I didn't say she was standing on a street corner screaming about fire and brimstone, nor did I say that all fundamentalist churches do so, or that they are all crazy or have bad hygiene. I am pleased to inform Ingrid (and anyone else who reads this) that I am dealing from a full deck of cards, thank you very much, and that I don't get my theology from late night comedy sketches. I have, however, come to a realization; there is no benefit to contributing to the comment section at Slice of Laodicea. To be honest, after the response I received to one of my early comments at Slice 2.0, I don't know why I continued commenting there at all. My comments were taken in entirely the wrong way and words were put into my mouth. But, then again, coming from the "discernment/remnant" crowd, should I expect any different?

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Blogger russn said...

I've not had words put in my mouth and such there, but I'm done commenting there too.

I've actually not read any CRN or Slice 2.0 posts since early last week - very refreshing. So refreshing I think I've formed a new habit - ignoring them altogether.

It seems they are so worried about the externals and getting them just so that most of the time, they have forgotten what is essential.

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