Friday, May 18, 2007

A Slice of Hypocrisy at CRN

In a recent post (by the ambiguous "editor") over at CRN, Doug Pagitt was criticized for removing a post from his blog. I would like to note, and make clear, that while I didn't see the original post (and therefore will have to take the "editor's" word for it), Doug did post on *why* the original is now gone, and why he has replaced it. This is far more than we have seen from CRN in it's former incarnation, Slice of Laodicea (which has been reborn, but that's another topic). In it's days as SoL, multiple posts simply disappeared off the site, with no explanation. It was as if they had never existed, and many would likely not know they had ever been there if not for the work of bloggers who did see the posts, and pointed readers to the Internet Archive at This is hypocrisy of the highest order. Pagitt at least gave us an explanation for what he did and why; Slice/CRN would prefer to act as though the post in question simply never happened, as long as it's on *THEIR* site.

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Blogger russn said...

Looks like the CRN post has been updated and Ken comes out from behind the elusive "Editor" moniker to let the world know what he has done (and of course slam Doug P.)

The last paragraph of the post is classic Silva.

6:36 AM  

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