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Ken Silva's Double Standard

While I don't want this to be a blog that simply responds to and pulls from other blogs (even though that's the way things have been going, but that's another issue entirely), I simply couldn't let this pass without a response. A recent post at Christian Research Net (aptly titled Slice 2.0 by some) links to an article at The Sacred Sandwich decrying churches and ministries such as (who else?) Rick Warren, who use multiple Bible translations to convey a point. So what's the problem? The fact that Rev. Ken Silva (who oversees the site, along with Apprising Ministries) DOES THE SAME THING. But somehow, when he does it, it's ok, but if Rick Warren or anyone else does it, it's wrong?



Anonymous Anonymous said...

Hello Coop,

Was reading your post and i discovered a few things

Ken Silva was decrying against the use of errant translations of the Bible. NLT etc are not called translations but paraphrases. He did not decry against e.g. KJV, NIV, ESV.

Rick Warren often used NLT, The Message, etc to make a 'point' which never existed. You can go online and check.

If you were to check against NLT vs KJV/ESV/NIV, you would discover that the way NLT(or the Message) presents certain passages are so different that it distorts the original meaning...

of course, seeing that you can't even grasp the point that Ken Silva was making in CRN about Murdoch, it would be impossible for you to detect the obvious difference. I showed non-Christians the post and they could tell me what Rev Ken was trying to say btw.

FYI, Rev Ken was actually pointing out Rick Warren's claim to be the 'Pastor' of Murdoch and telling RW that since RW claims to be the Murdoch's pastor, RW ought to show some responsibility to correct Murdoch.

In NO post or anywhere did Rev Ken ask for a 'boycott' of Zonderman. you have gravely misrepresented Rev Ken. You can get some neutral people (not your like-minded friends) to read those posts and ask them to be the judge - and see if it is you or ken who is in the wrong.

And you have slandered Dr John Mcarthur too. DID he claim to be Murdoch pastor? Obviously not. So you can't say that he has to 'separate' from Murdoch's company. Maybe you should read the Bible on what Paul says about eatting meat in the meat market.

Remember this, if you insist on this 'separation', i would demand that you apply these rules to yourself or you are the hypocrite that you call others.

1) blogspot associates with all kinds of people who blog - heretics and non-heretics alike. this means that if you choose to apply your so-called concept of separation, you cannot blog anymore. i.e. if you make any more posts, and you INSIST that Dr John Macarthur 'separate' from Zonderman, you are a hypocrite.

2) You cannot buy food/services from anyone else who does not believe in the same things as you do.

Do you get the point? Macarthur was ONLY using Zonderman as a publisher, which is an analogy to a machine that does things when you put money into it. Money in, book out. [UNLESS zondermann actually addds spiritual input, it would be ok for macarthur to use the publisher.]

But rick warren was beyond this strictly money-service relationship, which is theologically neutral. He in addition claimed spiritual fellowship with Murdoch by claiming to be murdoch's pastor.

If you still don't get the point, then there is no point talking to you.

I suggest you repent of your slander becos it is written not to bear false witness.


5:47 AM  
Blogger Coop said...

Whoever you are, you ended your comment so far off topic I'm going to need a road map to follow you. Here goes:

My point still stands. Ken takes issue with Warren using different translations to get a point across when he does the same thing.

As for the boycott, that has already been addressed on another post. If you're going to discuss that post, please leave a comment there; it makes things easier to follow for everyone. By commenting about it here it looks like you're trying to avoid discussion on the subject.

In no way have I slandered Dr. MacArthur. Ken Silva is the one who revealed the connection between Zondervan and HarperCollins, and the resulting connection to The Satanic Bible. That has nothing to do with who is pastor to whom. Again, this was addressed elsewhere.

And if you want to talk about separation, then I guess we'd all better shut down our Internet connections, stop using electricity, gas, running water, cars, and anything else that we don't have exclusive control over.

In the future, if you wish to comment here, please be clear and concise. Your comment was extremely hard to follow.

10:55 AM  

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