Monday, March 05, 2007

A Satanic Swipe at the Emergent Church

There are some who have described Christian Research Network/CRN (formerly Slice of Laodicea) as "the National Enquirer of the Christian blogosphere." Saturday, they certainly lived up to that title. Contributor Dwayna posted an article entitled 5 elements of Satanism in the Emergent Church? Never mind the fact that the page she links to on Mosaic's site, the first conviction that they list is that the Bible is "God's infallible, authoritative word to us," and that "Jesus is the only hope for a lost and broken world." Comparing them to elements is simply a way of offering another perspective on the core beliefs of Mosaic. I think they need to go read I Corinthians again.

This is yet another example of irresponsible blogging on the part of CRN's contributors, and condoning the spread of misinformation on the part of Ken Silva.

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