Saturday, March 03, 2007

Dangerous New "Hate Crime" Legislation *UPDATED*

UPDATE: Rather than get into a flame war with readers of this blog, I have chosen to be the bigger person and edit the introduction to this article. If you saw the original, please understand this: my opening sentence was in no way a swipe at Joseph Farrah or anyone at World Net Daily. I do not doubt Mr. Farrah's credentials or experience, and if he ever reads this, please know that I apologize. However, I am leery of *anything* that is written online. Eternally cynical and perpetually skeptical, you know. We now return you to your regularly scheduled blog...

While I'm weary of anything I read online (just because someone put it out there doesn't make it true, you know), I would like to draw your attention to World Net Daily and their article "Christian belief a 'hate crime' under plan." Apparently, if you say something to someone that they consider offensive, you could be fined or even jailed. If anyone had any doubts about the federal government going too far, I hope they are now gone. Not to mention that Nancy Pelosi could very likely put this bill, or a similar one, in front of the full House quickly. We can at least be thankful that we have John Roberts presiding over the Supreme Court. This law clearly violates the First Amendment, and I hope that this law will be fought that far if it passes. Jay Sekulow, I hope you're paying attention.

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Anonymous Tito said...

Do you know how asinine you sound when you say, "I'm not one to put too much stock in what it says at Worldnet Daily?" What are your journalistic credentials, Dan? Joseph Farah's bio has a little more to it than yours I would think.

Joseph Farah made a name for himself with traditional daily newspapers by running the Sacramento Union, directing the news operation of the Los Angeles Herald Examiner for nine years and serving as editor in chief of a group of California dailies and weeklies. His role as founder of the Western Journalism Center won him the Washington Times Foundation's National Service Award in 1996. Two years earlier, in 1994, he was honored by the American-Swiss Foundation as one of 20 "Young Leaders" who traveled to Europe for discussions with their distinguished counterparts abroad. Farah's many journalism awards include honors for reporting, to writing headlines, to honesty in journalism, to editing and newspaper design.

You take a swipe at Farah and you're worried about people slandering the emerging church? Stop it Dan, You're killing me. I appear to be the only one actually reading your blog, so actually, I'm not too concerned about Mr. Farah's reputation being destroyed While Rome Burns.

4:30 PM  
Blogger Coop said...

OK, seriously, who are you, and where did you come from? I'll grant you, I should have worded my opening better. I'm cautious about anything I read online. I am a perpetual skeptic, after all. Not to mention some of the advertisements on Worldnet Daily gave me pause. But, I digress. That was hardly a "swipe at Farah," and I have no intention of "destroying Mr. Farah's reputation," as you claim. You've completely blown off the substance of this post and the point of this blog, and blown a misworded opening completely out of proportion. Good job.

5:00 PM  

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