Saturday, January 13, 2007


I'm finally home from Orlando! I had a three hour layover in Kansas City, plus two and half hours spent sitting on the runway waiting for takeoff, because of freezing rain and a ground crew that can't make a decision. I will never fly through KCI ever again. Unless they seriously overhaul the place. Anyway, wanted to put a few updates out there.

1. As promised, I am planning a study digging into the gifts of the wise men. I need to do some research and get some thoughts down on paper (or at least on the screen), but I hope to have the first part up in a few weeks. Suggestions for resources are welcome.

2. My book of choice for my trip was Donald Miller's Blue Like Jazz, which I am enjoying immensly. There are a few quotes that I'll be posting here and elsewhere from the book. Some serious, some not so much.

3. Slice of Laodicea has been reborn as Christian Research Network. Old links redirect to the new site. Not sure if I'll be keeping them on my blogroll or not.

4. Just before my trip I finished John Eldrige's Journey of Desire, which will definately require a second read. I may bring up the possibility of a teaching series in our youth group based on this book. We did one based on Epic last year that went over very well, and we all learned a lot.

That's it for now. I've got some catching up to do from my week away, and I'm headed out to a game night tonight. Grace and peace to all!


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