Tuesday, October 17, 2006

Slice Goes Non-Interactive

In an announcement posted on the site today, Slice of Laodicea, one of the blogs I frequent (which also holds a place in my blogroll on the right side of your screen) has gone non-interactive. Ingrid, the site's founder and lead contributor, cited abuse of the comment section, and the division and confusion often caused by the comments. I don't mean to be critical of Ingrid or any of the site's contributors, but I will say that this likely won't change anything. While I appreciate many of the posts on the site, a lot of misquoting and error goes on there as well, and there are many who rightly take them to task in the comment section of the blog for these errors, until the comments are shut off or the person leaving comments is banned from doing so. I have to wonder how much accountability there will be at the site in light of this decision.

In spite of the decision to permanently disable comments at Slice, you can still post your thoughts on articles posted to the site. Click on Emergent What? in my blogroll to do so. Emergent What? is an aggregator site for several blogs.

One more thing; if you would like to suggest a blog for my blogroll, please feel free to do so.



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