Friday, August 10, 2007

On Cars and CRN

Apparently, what a pastor chooses to drive is fair game for blog fodder over at CRN, especially if they can use it to get a jab in at Erwin McManus. Seriously, how is Erwin stating that pastors should drive whatever they want a point of contention worthy of a post? Apparently pastors (and the rest of us) should run our car choices past the ever elusive "Editor" at CRN before purchasing.

So Erwin likes fast and fun cars. Most guys do. Heck, a lot of women enjoy sports cars. What business is it of theirs (or anyone else) what Erwin McManus (or any other pastor, or anyone for that matter) what kind of car is in his driveway? How is this related to salvation, grace, theology, God's call, etc.? The simple answer is: it isn't. And I think it means that CRN is getting desperate for anything they can use against those they disagree with.

Of course, someone from CRN will say that it's about the deeper issue of Erwin using the phrase "whatever we want," and that that somehow indicates a heart condition out of line with Scripture. To which I respond, if you look for what you want to find, you'll find it sooner or later, even if it's not there.

So, "Editor," I'm thinking about buying a 1995 Ford Taurus wagon. Does that meet with your approval? I'll send you pictures of the cars I'm considering if it helps.

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Blogger iggy said...


Great post!

In the past i have found that in "some" cases the car does reveal a little of the heart...

But still, it can be that in their heart they are enjoying life and having some fun...

I do have a story of a fundamentalist pastor that drove a Mercedes, who i thought a bit on the weird side as I passed the church... He had that "special" parking spot right outside the front door...

Later he was convicted for money laundering with a local car dealership that was "mafia" connected... he was convicted of placing a contract out on another guy...

This was all in Seaside Ca. and was in the news and can be verified.

The Rev. Lusk was the fellows name.

A "good" Baptist.

(Not all baptists would condemn or see this fellow as a good rep of what a "good" baptist would be.)

8:22 PM  

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