Tuesday, May 12, 2009

Buy Black Experiment

Blowing the dust off this place to link to an article on MSNBC, and hopefully spark some discussion. I got the link from a blogger in my home state of Wisconsin, about a couple in Chicago who made a commitment at the beginning of the year to buy only from black-owned businesses. Now, as a white person, if I made the commitment to buy from only white-owned businesses, I'd be called a racist and a bigot, and probably rightfully so. But what I'm wondering is, how is this any different than the commitment so many in the church make to buy only from Christian-owned businesses? We have Christian business directories in many cities around the country (including Milwaukee, where I live), and I know from firsthand experience that some Christian owned businesses will only spend radio advertising dollars on the local Christian station. To some extent, I can understand that; Christian radio stations don't take ads from just anyone, and Christian businesses see it as a win-win for them, but the question still exists; how is this different than believers buying only from believers?

Your thoughts are welcome and appreciated.

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